My First Internship Experience at

Hi, there! I’m going to share the experience of my very first internship as Data Science Intern at a Fin-Tech Start-Up Company,

I started my internship in January 2021 as a third-year student in college. The study program that I attend provides its students with a Co-Operative program that lets us take three internship programs in the middle of our college years. I felt the need to take this program since the future is still very blurry for me, and I thought that a dip in this big ocean called “work-life” wouldn’t hurt.

I applied to in December and we arranged an interview in January. I was accepted on the same night of the interview and did my first day three days after. I started my first day with an online daily meeting where we share the tasks that will be done on that day since it’s a remote internship. My first task was to clean a set of data using Google Spreadsheet. I also joined a sprint planning meeting (it’s where we plan what we are going to do in the upcoming week) with the engineers there. It was a new experience for me and it was interesting since I got to communicate with other people in the company.

I spent the next few weeks getting to know Google Analytics better since it’s the tool that the company uses to track traffic, conversions, and many more from its website. I also helped a bit with setting up the tracker needed with Google Tag Manager. I worked really close with the Marketing Team at since I was asked to join the meetings where we discuss our performance for the past week/month for us to decide the next step that was going to be taken based on the data that we had. In those meetings, I was asked to analyze and share the data that I’d retrieved. I used Google Data Studio to visualize the data from Google Analytics or Instagram Analytics. It helped me a lot on making a weekly and monthly report, and it made the story-telling part easier for me to be understood by the audience.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

I think I’ve learned a lot than I expected in my four months at Other than the new tools that I encountered, I also learned some soft skills here. I learned how to ask the right question, either on Google or to the people working there. They encourage each other to ask questions on our Slack Channel instead of on private chat, since there is a big possibility that the people on the team could help one another. I was quite shy to ask questions and I noticed that they had quite some tasks throughout the sprint, so I tried my best to do some research before finally asking them when I had some blockers. I also learned how to manage my time better, and to set realistic goals. This is achieved by using a productivity tool called Trello that we used every sprint planning.

The people at are very fun too. They held a game night session at least once a month so that we wouldn’t be so stiff (especially us interns). They also held a town hall at the end of every month where we would be listening to the leads sharing about their updates and the steps that are going to be taken in the future. Both really helped me out to be more comfortable on communicating with each other. And they like memes too! That’s definitely a plus point :).

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

To conclude, it was quite an experience working at as an intern. This internship has given me a lot of details on what it’s like working at a Start-Up, and it surely has made me more interested in the data field. I really cherish this opportunity and I’m wishing all the best for!

’till next time! :)